Hand For You laundry service

Hand For You laundry service

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We will help you to bring more space to your life by providing laundry service.

Do you get bothered by laundry?

Are you tired of coming home and dealing with accumulated laundry?

Are you busy with taking care of kids and have no time for laundry?

Do you feel tired of washing a lot when returning from a trip or changing clothes?

Hand For You laundry will solve those issues for you!

Save your time and energy by using our service!

Would you like to start living without washing?

Step1 All you have to do is to pack the laundry in the laundry bag and put it out at the store or contact us to pick up

If you bring it in before 15:00, you can pick it up on the day.

Step2 The clothes will be washed, dried, and folded carefully.

Step3 You can easily pick it up at the store on your way home from work, or ask us to delivery it to your house


The first 1,000 customers can get the special service price for their first order: 

$11.75 less than 6kg

$11.75 less than 10kg

3 hours express service: additional $4.7 (May not be available)

Laundry that can be washed and dried: 

  • Duvets Cotton / polyester is used for the fabric, and the contents are 100% feather / down duvets)
  • Polyester comforter (cotton / polyester is used for the fabric, and the content is 100% polyester comforter)
  • Kotatsu futon ((cotton / polyester is used for the cloth, and the contents are 100% polyester kotatsu futon)

Laundry that cannot be washed or dried:

  • Diapers or similar
  • Pet supplies
  • Laundry with a large amount of pet hair, human hair, and similar items
  • Laundry of customers who are infected with or may be infected with an infectious disease
  • Laundry with filth and vomit

Phone/ Message: 0432 485 888

Email: info@handforyou.online

Website: https://handforyou.online/products/hand-for-you-laundry-service