Shop on your behalf and delivery service

Shop on your behalf and delivery service

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We will shop on your behalf and deliver it with a single phone call/ message!

Same-day delivery for orders placed before 15:00

Orders made after 15:00 will be delivered in the next business day

We provide purchase service up to 2 shops, an additional fee of $5.88 will be charged

The total weight of each order has the limitation of 25 kg, or 2 shopping trolleys.


The first 1,000 customers can get the special service price for their first order: 

$5.88 (Including GST)

$5.88 for extra shop surcharge

Do you get bothered by shopping?

Having difficulty carrying bulky and heavy goods?

Having difficulty going shopping because you need to take care of young kids at home?

Too busy to go shopping?

Don’t want to go shopping because of the bad weather?

Feel sick and want to stay at home?

From now on, leave the difficult shopping tasks to Hand For You!

Step1 Order by phone/ message/ Email etc

Please inform our staff your name, delivery address, phone number, delivery time section, products you want to purchase, etc.

Step2 Telephone confirmation of shopping contents

If there are missing items or multiple candidates, please specify the purchased item by phone from the staff.

Step3 Receipt / payment of goods

Please pay the service fee as well as the actual cost of the delivered product (cash is available)

Step4 Delivery

The goods will be delivered to the address you provided

Delivery / purchase area

Brisbane South area

Delivery time section:

A: 09:00〜12:00   B: 12:00〜15:00   C: 15:00〜18:00   

Operation hours 9:00 to 17:00

Phone/ Message: 0432 485 888


WeChat: HandForYou