Our Services

Hand for you provides great marketing and delivery services for local restaurants. We have 2 great modules for business to join us.

Plan A:

1. We can help our customers to book delivery, dine in, and pick up food from our
Merchants and provide them the suitable payment plans.Once the order has been made, we will charge a certain percentage of the order total
from the Merchant.
2. Plan A Merchants will enjoy an unlimited advertising benefit from us including: local news paper, post advertisement, website, social media recommendation, etc…

Plan B:

This is a plan for delivery service only.
It is highly recommended to customers who received delivery requests from customers but do not have their own delivery teams.
It would be very costly to maintain a delivery team. Hand for you, will be your best choice for delivery.
Each delivery cost is based on basic booking rate, and additional km travelled. So your delivery charge will be reduced.
Moreover, we offer a weekly or fortnightly payment plan for Hand For You Merchants.
Delivery will become easy and convenient.