Standard 6.6kw Home Plan Solar System

Standard 6.6kw Home Plan Solar System

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If You Are Interested In Install A Solar System For Your House, Our Standard Plan Will Be Your Best Choice Which Includes Great Service As Well As A Good Price.

Our best price package includes:

  • 20 * 330w Solar Panels (The numbers of solar panels may be variance if the customer's roof surface is smaller)
  • 5kw Solar Inverter
  • 40 Months Hand For You Full System Warranty
  • 8 Years Hand For You Solar Panel Warranty
  • Additional Manufacturer Warranty (May Verify from Products, Customer Need to Claim from Manufacturer Directly) 
  • Up to 6 Months Interest Free Payment Plan 




    Why install a solar system

    Do you want to use aircon and other electric appliance with no worries?
    Do you want to reduce your electricity cost?


    The best solution that Hand For You would offer is a 6.66kw system, which is suitable for most houses. Therefore, you can save money throughout the whole year.

    With this opportunity, you can save money and enjoy the free air conditioner at the same time in this crazy hot summer.

    Many of our customers have saved about $300 electricity for each quarter 

    Lock the price now

    You may not know, the reason that the solar system has such a low price is that the government pay the solar company a rebate for each system.

    When you install a solar system, the amount you paid is much less than the original price of the entire system.

    In recent years, more residents have chosen to install a solar system, and a lot of energy has been saved. As a result, the local government is cutting down the rebate budget each year.

    Do not hesitate, make a decision now, contact us to lock the price as soon as possible!