HFY040 IT Service

HFY040 IT Service

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Our IT Service including a large range of areas including:


o   Computer and Electronics Related,         

o   Networking Setup, Wired and WiFi Etc,  

o   Computers & Peripherals Setup, Repairs, Maintenance, and Solving Issues both software and hardware to the best of my knowledge,

o   Electronics Setup and Configurations, iPhone, Androids, TVs, Stereos Sound System Etc,

o   Backups and Archiving

o   New Computer Builds, Laptops

o   Anti-Virus and Malware Protections

o   Remote Desktop Control Software Reseller

o   Internet Services Reseller

o   CCTV Installation and Setup, Remote Viewing (phone, computer)

o   Alarms Installation (Hills, Bosche)

o   Recurring Remote Only Monitoring and Maintenance Plan

o  Recurring Onsite Monthly Maintenance Plan